The ML830 is a handheld, non-invasive, low energy, therapeutic laser. The ML830 produces infrared (invisible) laser light at 830 nm wavelength and is classified by the FDA as a class IIIB medical device.
In cooperation with General Motors and several other clinical investigators across the US it was proved that the ML830 is an effective tool in the battle of pain.

At P-M-T LLC (Pain Management Therapy) we provide on-site pain therapy using the ML830 COLD LASER. The sites could be Doctors clinics such as family doctors and many other specialized Doctors and Physicians such as Rheumatologists, Geriatrics, and any M.D treating patients in their clinics.

We also provide treatment in Nursing Homes, Skilled
Nursing Facilities, Medical Spas and any location 
where we can treat people in pain.

We guarantee our treatment. If you do not feel
40%+ better, you do not have to pay for your

We only accept Medicare patients